Thursday, November 16, 2017

Letters Portraits

 Sometimes I would do portraits of my friends on the letters and cards they sent to me. Below are some examples:
Steven Hamsness

Michael Venezia
King Thackston

Dr. Jay Frazier
Alix Kenagy

Zeev Gutman

Ulrich Graf
Gordon Baldwin

Jack Owen
Casy Seijas

Carol Anthony
Arthur Offen

Sonja Reneau

Bernadette Martinez

Forrest Moses

Taylor Stuckey

Samuel K. Lewis

Don Cooper

Frank Magro

John Martini

Marjorie Oberne

Mark Bass

Michael Slagle

George Mills-Harper

Nan Hoover

"Rid" Sawyer

Sharon Gorman

Sterling O'Grady


Click on image for larger view.