Saturday, November 25, 2017

Messages from an Alternate Framework

Messages from an Alternate Framework  - 2017 Series - Oil/Mixed Media/Canvas

Some of you already know that from time to time I break away from my more recognizable work and release my inner-autistic wild-child. In that condition I don't bother with deliberation or form constructions in the same manner. Its more explosive and the paint goes flying...examples below.
Portal of the 13th Cone -  4'x5'
The Palm at the End of the Mind -36"x48"

Portrait of God (from memory) -  4'x5'

Hymn to The Lotus Born 36"x48"
Portrait of my old friend Goethe during the trip when discovered the Urpflanze -  4'x5'
Portrait of Pythagoras (as I remember him) or, Music Of The Spheres On The "8 Beat" - 36"x48"
Revelationary Code Released - 36"x48"
I Am Beyond Personification - I Am Beyond Personality Gestalts - I Am That I Am - 36"x48"
Primal Nebula Passing Through The Planes Of Actuality - 36"x48"
Through My Poem Of Fire - I Speed Toward You - The Incorruptible Flame - 36"x48"

Scintilla - 36"x48"