Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Unheimlich (series 2011)

Unheimlich : a psychological point of view*
A series of partial collage/drawings done on  handmade black Canal paper - composed of vintage and antique photographs -and other ephemera. Done in mixed media .
Each single image is 9" x10" - please click individually for a larger view.
(*Inspired by a conversation with Ruediger Glatz - in Miami Beach where we met -- December 2011)

Unheimlich is the German word for what may be translated as "Uncanny". These collage pieces explore juxtapositions of images which may evoke that sense of other-worldliness one feels when objects of everyday life seem to be placed in meaningful psychologically suggestive ways or images produce feelings that one cannot exactly pinpoint, yet cause a sense of strangeness or peculiar personal deja-vu.

1. Counterpoint  2. The Only Way Out  3. Vanishing Vision

  1. The Last Shall Be First  2. Angst   3. Bright Bestowal

1. The First Shall Be Last  2. Her Longing  3. A Tear In Time

     1. Dark Dream  2. Fable  3. Stance

 1. Withdrawn Light - or - Abandonment Issues
2. She sat at the edge of Despair - or - Last dance.
3. Memories withdrawn from retirement - or - Reinventing the Past.

1. Impulse of Instinct  2. Thinking of You - or - Father Paul's buried longing  3. One Track Mind

1. In another Land  2.  At the Heart of Reality - or - Hers Completely  3. Unveiled Mysteries