Friday, August 31, 2018

Veyran's Mystic Letters (French Documents Series #2) 2018

Veyran's Mystic Letters - Series 2018 - pen & ink/watercolor & ink washes on the surface of authentic antique French documents & letters. Please click image for larger viewing.

Lunar Angel



Say "Yes"

Inner Vision

Scion (1528)
Thank You !

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Future Of France Series - 2018

 Future of France Series 2018 - pen & ink/watercolor & ink washes on the surface of authentic antique French documents & letters. Please click image for larger viewing.

After the reclamation of all her inherited bestowals, came the realization of her bless├Ęd Independence..
First he bade farewell to Philosophies...but there was So Much More to Let Go Of !

Napoleon & Josephine enjoy a quiet evening at home with dessert...Perhaps only Children pretending...

At the statue of Jupiter they swore an oath of fidelity to one another... despite the feelings of their families, their countries and the disdain others showed for their love.

Constance was not of her own Time. Out of sync with convention, all she could do was Howl !

Hostile signs were everywhere – but his faith in Nature-Knowledge held him in vital security…

I'm all over the place - 1738 to 2018

Intellect, his former Muse, sent a message “Your Inspiration arrives like the Post…provided you are home to receive it”.

 Claude's Epiphany - "Every word evokes a thought".
Her letter arrived, signed "Love" and her postscript...

Allegiance may be passionate, yet temporal…Brotherhood of Man, though often neglected, Eternal.

After the governments fell and reformed, they knew their greatest strength was their Love

She resolved never again to love a man who lived in a bubble...that decision led to her self-worth.
As a boy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau learned much from the game of the cat and mouse…"Domineering men do not like cats, because the cat is free and will never consent to become a slave. He will do nothing to your order as the other animals do."
The personal "Age of Enlightenment" began for Maurice, bathing at the stream of Saint-Foutin... cleansed and free of guilt.

Yesterday's Empires Vanish ! Without you, Nothing Matters !
He swore an oath to Mother Earth that from his own personal point of power, and for the sake of all who have gone before and those yet to come, he would never relinquish his self worth to Any Authority !
 Jean Louis' emancipation from official restrictions... an endeavor toward the freedom to be himself, no matter how incomprehensible to others !

Joan of Arc spoke to her, saying ..."Let no-one distort your personal vision but commit to flames any doctrine that claims dominion !"
The Apotheosis of Josephine…"In my next life I will be neither woman or man…I will be the Many and my name shall be the "Pure Spirit of Freedom".
She often flippantly said she wanted Passion not Fashion...But this time she really meant it.
Marc Francois Duryea Thouverez celebrates his poem, "Why Everything     Sounds Better In French"

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