Thursday, February 21, 2019

Trembling Of The Veil - (2019 series)

              Trembling Of The Veil - (2019 series) Click individual images for larger view

A Being of Light, A Sacred Utterance & A Volcano in Hûrqalyâ

A Leap of Faith
Trembling of The Veil
Priestess of the Imaginal World
Priest of the Imaginal World
What were our faces before the world was made?
Summoner of Energy (My Shiva, Not Theirs)
Evocation at Willendorf
Keep not your silence as stars fall upon the ground...Where one world ends a new one is beginning.
Chemical Angel forever imprisoned by illusions of dimensional confinement
The Angel of the Unbecoming dissolving in paradox
My Chiron, never wounded - Hercules breaks his arrow to make sure nothing goes amiss. 

Joy is the Muscle of Action (collaboration with Adam Unger)

 Hermes in the Cave of Wisdom