Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ensemble (1983)

Ensemble -One Man Show/Recent Works at Aesthetic Survival Studio, Atlanta, Georgia 1983


Mental Arches

Their unusual relationship

Alchemist Pool

Alchemist Pool

Alchemist Temple

Ohm's law of life, or Resistance in black and white

. Productive man achieving his end with a multiplicity of
accomplishments/ Devouring man achieving his end with a monopolistic attitude

Ensemble - oil/canvas


calligraphy pool

The triangle of Body, Spirit, and Soul moving into the circle of unchangeable redness, or The Everlasting Fire

Punk Poet Calligraphy

Zen De-Groovy

Zen De-Groovy 2

She's Pretty

Soft Innerscape

Soft Innerscape 2

A mystic courtier with keys approaches the girdle of Time; the keys do not fit !

Wilendorf Revisited (handmade paper & vintage lace)