Friday, November 17, 2017

Invitation Archive

Selected invitations of former exhibitions,showings and events.
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Group Show at Galarie Biesj -26 Herenmarkt, Amsterdam, Holland 1969

The Lunar Lady -Work on Paper, Neil Reid Building, Atlanta Georgia 1973

Tarot - Academy Theater, Atlanta, Georgia 1974

Glamor (A World Problem) - One Man Show, Pharr Center, Atlanta, Georgia 1975

The Numbness Crept Quietly -One Man Show of Works on Paper, Pharr Center, Atlanta, Georgia 1978

The Cat People/Aesthetic Survival Paintings & Ceramics - Form & Function Gallery,One Rhodes Center Atlanta, Georgia 1982-83

Aesthetic Survival -One Man Exhibit at International Furniture, ADAC - Atlanta, Georgia 1983

Erotica -Group show at Nassau Visions Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia 1982

Angst-O-Rama -One Man Exhibit of Paintings at Alexander Loft, Atlanta, Georgia 1984

Taboo -Group Show at "The Bank Loft" on Peters Street, Atlanta, Georgia 1988

La Coupe d'Or (Crescendo Ball)  - Ritz Carlton Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia 1995

Spiritus Mundi West-Paintings and Assemblages at Jamison- Thomas Gallery,Portland, Oregon 1985

Johnny Detroit’s Brunch, Seven Stages Performing Arts Center, Euclid Ave., Atlanta , Georgia 1989

Wo Ist Das Gluk -One Man Exhibit at Ulrich Graf, Munich, Germany 1989

Apollonian versus Faustian -One Man Exhibit at Ulrich Graf, Munich, Germany 1989

Speculum Arcanum -One Man Exhibit at Ulrich Graf, Munich Germany 1990

Right of Passage -One Man Exhibit at Ulrich Graf, Munich, Germany 1986

Ancient is Modern - Harry Rubley's Affair Gallery - Atlanta Georgia 1987

Imaginary Journey - Bruce Weber Gallery, Lake Worth, Florida 1996

Alphabet (Series) Various Gallery Exhibitions 1996-97

The Madness of Art - (with Bea Aaronson) -  Art Thomas Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina 1994

Yeats' 28 Phases-One Man Exhibit (in tandum with The Key West Literary Seminar) Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, Florida 1993

Three Wise Guys -One Man Exhibit at Robert F. Nichols Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1994

Relics of Coolsville- Robert F. Nichols Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1997

Terra Incognita - One Man Exhibit at MSL Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia 1992

Here, or There, and Everywhere -Jaff Seijas & Nathan Beard - Gallery RED DOOR No. 5 , Tampa, Florida 2017