Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Numbness Crept Quietly

The Numbness Crept Quietly - One Man Show of Works on Paper, Belgian Embassy, Pharr Center, Atlanta, Georgia 1978.
The Numbness Crept Quietly

Spies carrying the cosmic blueprints

The human strata revisited  or Queen Elizabeth's secret visits to the Vault
Life,Love & The Pursuit of a Non-carbonated Beverage

The 16 hour t.v. watcher or substitute for thought

3 Nuns entering  an Art Deco  Cafe

Two Africans contemplate  a cube in a museum

Edge of Night

Voice lessons for the nouveau-riche, or money talks

Glamour of the Guru,  beauty of the beholder

Table walkers, or one eye opened says enough...

A modern lady takes her soul to the dry cleaning

Life & Impatience

She longed for the mysteries of nature

Modern armor

If Coke adds Life, are we high on life?

At the pastry counter or reason vrs. desire in the face of on-coming danger

Health food mamas

They asked me how I knew...

All dressed up and too late for church

An artist drawing from the filing cabinets of the subconscious

My subconscious told me it wouldn't bite...
Invitation to showing