Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pilgrim's Progress (series 1998)

John Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress Series/1998
This series was commissioned by and is in the collection of Dr. Jay Frazier.
All pieces - gouaches/arches paper  - click individual images for larger view.

The Dreamer
Dreams a dream

Pilgrim astounded,reading his book

Pilgrim pursued by
Obstinate & Pliable

Evangelist warns the Pilgrim to flee
from the wrath to come

In the Slough of Despond

Pilgrim delivered from the Slough of Despond by Help

Pilgrim meets
Mr. Worldy Wiseman

The Pilgrim knocks at the wicket gate &
The gate is opened
by Goodwill
Knock at it shall be opened

The man who
swept the Interpreter's Parlor
& Grace

The man in the iron cage

Pilgrim sheds his burden

Pilgrim is clothed
in spiritual raiment
by the Shinning Ones
Pilgrim fights the demon Appolyon
Pilgrim passes the Lions
Pilgrim climbs Hill Difficult

Pilgrim & Hopeful
taunted at the
Vanity Fair
Pilgrim distracted
by the scroll of
Pilgrim & Hopeful at
the martyrdom of
Pilgrim & Hopeful
imprisoned by the
Giant of Doubt
Pilgrim and Hopeful
rescued from the
river by the
Shinning Ones

Pilgrim & Hopeful
meet the Shepherds
of the Delectable Hills

Pilgrim & Hopeful
ascend into