Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Johnny Detroit's Zen Fest

Johnny Detroit's Zen Fest (1983 )
All pieces - work on paper/acrylic/ink washes (click on image for larger view).
These pieces were  shown at Aesthetic Survival Studio in Atlanta. They were each done during a single sitting with no deliberation. The idea, Johnny Detroit's Zen Fest, was based on a work of fiction I wrote. One of the characters writes a series of titles on scraps of paper and dares Johnny Detroit to pick one at random and draw/paint his interpretation within a suggested short time limit...until each of the pieces is completed. I tried it out in real life and these pieces are the result.

Rock & Roll Egypt

Passionate Pyramid


We move through the plaza of pudding

Logic's drama unfolded

Suburban Cairo

Phantom cat in corner

Ontology or reflections on scientific method

The Alchemical triad or three points of refinement clarified

Ziggurat erecting a triangle (in memory of those who gave in the line of duty)

The unbroken triangle of Time,Space & Pattern

Secret gospel of Mary

Meet me at the triangle of 2nd and 3rd

Psychologist's fallacies formalized

Triangle Royale

Plato's dicotomy

Officiating the divorce of fact and fantasy in the court of reason

Nymphomaniacal dilemma


Anchor Man

She lived in the shadows of Modernism and knew it not

Ducats dichotomy

Ode to Moses who developed spiritual living  in community relations through his vision of transcendental law.

Animal behavior transferred

Sophia & Arcanum Arcanorum

She wanted passion not fashion


sealed lips

Portrait of Goethe without Goethe

The extremities of fatalism are near-misses or hierarchy of habit

Nature cannot be thus