Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Private Life Of Just About Everybody (series 2015)

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She wanted to give her heart and soul completely, but to whom? To whom?

when Egos crumble the new Self met may seem incomprehensible...

They were linked by correspondences so profound, neither of them could explain
their effect on one another.
Theirs was a relationship of profound subtlety and mysteriously rich in
depth...(others could only say "ooohhhh....ahhhhhh....!)

Theseus was okay...but Ariadne's heart really belonged to the Minotaur.

Saint Sebastian of Horatio Street (or : At last, he understood the symbolism of the
phrase, "arrows of outrageous fortune")

It happened in the Egyptian galleries of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
He experienced a sudden feeling of alignment,clarity,deja-vu and inner-peace.
And a revival of his deep affection for cats.

She was deeply loved, but so blinded by her own glamour

Full Moon, Paris...She knew it was time to leave...but couldn't.

He wished to let go of the false notion of the "sinful self" and express his
unbridled sensuous nature...
But his Spirit was not fully fleshed in !

all pieces on Arches paper/gouaches/mixed media