Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Trancendentalists - 2013

Selections from the Transcendentalists series 2013
(gouaches,inks,antique book backings & pages - click on images for larger view)

Patricia Whitrose longed for one pure thought

Abner longed to see God, yet remained confounded why God hid himself

The Outpouring
The Lucky Woman

Take Your Son Sir
Cyrus Pelham-Howard seeking happiness in freedom from his life as an actor

Mary Margaret Delancy’s resolution to give up the Veil for the life of a Poetess, Feminist, and Advocate of Free-love

St. Adisia- early originator of signing for the deaf

Vide cor tuum

Virgil McCutcheon liberates himself from “Dualism” by reconciling his Body and Soul

The forgotten theories of Sprauge Trescott-Davenport concerning the opening of Portals in Space and Time Travel

Josiah Carter, Colonial mystic frees himself from Puritannical Conservatism by evoking the “Divine Names” and establishing a personal Mystical Theology

Juliana Dickerson recovers her self esteem

Noah Goldwaithe’s evening of Automatic Script