Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Spiritus Mundi - 1984-86

Selections from the Spiritus Mundi series 1984-86
(mixed media/collage elements/paper/tin/wood.cloth/gold leaf/found objects)

Priestess - (vintage computer paper)

The Lovely - (antique paper/gold leaf)

Here We Are ! - (vintage collage elements)

Singers - (antique paper)

Triad Masks (large work on paper)

The Happiness Girls - (vintage oriental magazines)
Big Daddy - (handmade paper,papyrus & vintage lace)

Magic Man - (handmade oriental paper)

The Source Oracle - (thin sheet of Birch wood)
We Wait for You - (gouaches,oriental paper and gold leaf)

The Birds Speak For Us - (gouaches,oriental paper and gold leaf)

Masks - (Photography Backdrop Paper on roll 15'x25')

examples of scroll works hanging at Earthwork Studio
standing with the Triad Mask piece