Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Persona Mysteria 1981

Selections from the Persona Mysteria Series 1981

The pyramid has been broken apart - the square has been laid bare - the triangle is pointing upward - the circle will now commence operation...the esoteric core.
St. Jimmy in the ring of decision, or He was really a Lover, not a fighter.

Laida's identity crisis, or has the auric egg been scrambled?
Orfeo forgetting the lyrics.

Listening for Persephone.

Salome veiled (again).
Pistis Sophia was never to reveal her secret,or Arcanum Arcanorum.

Manu sharing the fruit of the Bo Tree, or a slice of life.

The Alchemist transforms himself.
John Locke in the act of focusing, by which he is himself, or Lunar mysteries methodically manifested

The rose-tinted glow of the quickened astral Chakras on the cross of physical manifestation.

Richard The Lionheart's identity crisis.

Tess on the gallows, or what price beauty?
Sebastian and his shadow.

St. Jerome in his studio, or Vulcan's experimentation with refinement of the Self's immortality through the crucible of experience.

Sister Catherine using her rosary as the macro-cosmic key, or reckoning with restraint.

The theophanic state of Sister Anna Maria Emmerich transformed the spirit of oneness into all that witnessed, or drip,drip,drip...

Pan contemplating Purusha.